Sunday, July 24, 2016

Catch up - 2016

It's been awhile since I have blogged.  I've got some catching up to do!  It won't be easy trying to remember the last 6 months since I have a hard time remembering yesterday, but I will give it a try!!
Here are the highlights so far from 2016.....

The beginning of the year was just a time to recuperate from the holidays.  We have gotten a lot of rain, which is a blessing since we have been in a drought for the past 4 years.  Lots of time was spent indoors.  Here are a few highlights of Jan and Feb....

Lincoln and Coleman played some excellent basketball this season.  They were both on really good teams and it was so much fun watching them every Saturday.  I'm excited for next season!

I watched Deacon every Tuesday morning while Megan worked in Coleman's class.  Its fun being able to see the boys often and to be able to participate in their activities.

Anybody that knows me well, knows my love for holidays and creating goodies to give away.  These were my Valentines this year that I gave to friends, grandkids and Primary class.

I was lucky enough to spend 10 days with the Lewis family in Ladera Ranch.  We went to Disneyland (gotta get the most of our passes) and then Jordan and Kristine were off to Costa Rica.  I had so much fun with Owen and Ames.  They keep me on my toes but I LOVE every minute! 

After Mom and Dad left the fun began for Grammy and the boys!
We had popcorn and movie night (every night)

Owen loved these huge strawberries he picked out and the pretty yellow flowers for Mom

Owen had his first t-ball practice while I was there so we packed a picnic dinner and watched his practice.

Jordan and Kristine enjoying Costa Rica

Deacon turns 2!

It's hard to believe this funny little guy is two already!  He is all boy and loves to run, slide, make messes, play on the ipad, watch the Cars movie and make everybody laugh.  Of course, he is the center of attention in the Patrick house and is always making sure everyone notices him.  Everyone loves this cute little boy!!
Grandma Lewis
This month was a little bittersweet...... Grandma Lewis passed away after a long battle with Alzhiemers.  Megan and I were able to spend some time with her before she past.  It was nice having so much of the family together for her funeral.  She lived a long happy life and was very much loved.  She will be missed but we know she is happy now with Grandpa and watching over us all until we meet again.

Top Photo of me and the Lewis sisters, Karen, Dalelyn and Sherri.  Bottom left some of the Lewis cousins, L to R Jordan, Shauna, Megan, Taylor,  Tara, Matt, Tami, Rick, Krissy and Kim (missing Kari, Kasie, Erin and Courtney)
Bottom Right - Betty Wachenfeld Lewis on her wedding day in 1945

Happy Birthday to Justin and Shauna!
Since Shauna and Jordan were in town for Grandma's funeral we were able to celebrate birthdays before they left.

On to April

April I spent a week with the Patrick boys while their Mom and Dad went to Costa Rica.  We had lots of fun doing a puzzle, swimming, and making yummy treats.

 Megan and Justin in  Costa Rica

Deacon loves to stack the cans!

Megan and I enjoyed the musical Newsies at the Sacramento Community Center Theater

May Birthdays!

 Happy 2nd Birthday to Ames on May 2.  He was lucky he got to spend his Birthday at Disneyland!!  Love this little guy with the raspy voice!  He is a cuddle bug and so cute and smart!!

Lincoln turned 10 on May 9th!  He is a funny, talented, smart kid!

Happy 33rd birthday to Iain on May 20th!

Happy Birthday to Jack on May 25!  He is 12!!!

Stake Conference at the Mormon Center - As always Stake Conference was very uplifting and rejuvenating.  Megan and Justin's Ward had a picnic on the beautiful grounds of the Sacramento Temple after the conference so I was able to take some photos.  It was a very warm day!

Coleman is great with selfies!!  The temple in the background makes it even better.  Good Job Coleman

Shauna came home for a quick minute for one day.  Megan and I went to breakfast with her and did a little shopping.  Next time stay longer!!

Jacks Ordination
Jackson turned 12 and was ordained to become a Deacon of our church.  I can't believe he is 12. He has grown to be such a handsome, kind, caring young man. I'm so proud of him!!

Summer is definitely here and we have had the 100+ temps to prove it.  I was with the Patrick boys the first week of June while Megan went to girl's camp.  We swam, recycled, ate donuts and went to lunch.  We mostly stayed inside and tried to keep cool.  

Boys, boys, boys playing on their I Pads.  There is even a neighbor boy who came to visit so he made it in the picture too!

Went to the donut store for a treat before we headed to the recycling center.

Linc and Coleman taking a break in the shade at the recycling center.  It was sooooo HOT!

                           I flew down to Orange County to be there for Owen's 5th Birthday.
                           He had a swimming party with all of his buddies at a local pool in
                           Ladera Ranch.  We went to the Irvine Spectrum for dinner at Red Robin
                           also to see Finding Dori.  We hit the local pools and had a great time.  I'm
                           always sad when I have to leave.  I love spending time with family and I
                           never get enough Owen - Ames time! 

The Birthday Boy and Dad having fun in the pool at Owen's party.

Birthday pancakes!  Kristine is so clever and they were yummy!

These two cute boys hamming it up at the Irvine Spectrum after dinner.

I sure love these cute boys and I love that they still let me cuddle with them.  Being a grammy is the best!!

                                 Happy 39th Birthday, ERIN! (June 29)

I cannot believe my oldest daughter is 39!  How did that happen?  I wish we could have celebrated with her but I think we need to all get together for her 40th next year.  She's my crazy, spunky, happy go lucky girl who is never afraid to have fun.  She loves her Ravens and her Orioles and is not afraid to show it by dressing up in the team colors whenever she goes to their games.  I love this girl of mine who made me a MOM!!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Tis the Season 2015

Merry Christmas from the Lewis, Patrick and Green families!
What a wonderful time of year this is!  It is such a busy time but so much fun and such a blessing to be able to spend time with family and friends.  I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have such an amazing family and so many wonderful friends and to know the true meaning of the Christmas season.

I was so lucky to be a part of this wonderful production that the Folsom Stake put on for the entire Sacramento area and beyond.  It was a beautiful spiritual experience and helped me to reflect on the birth of the Savior and the reason we celebrate Christmas.  I helped with costumes and getting the cast ready and prepared to perform.  It was truly amazing!!

Every year I host a brunch for 5 of my friends at my house.  This year was the 5th year for this event.  The theme was Christmas trees.  It was a great time catching up with friends and enjoying good fun, lots of laughs and exchanging gifts.  I always look forward to hosting this every year. 

I am so grateful for my brother Russ and his wife Stella.  It is always fun to have lunch with them during the holidays.  This year we had lunch at the 33rd Street Bistro in Sacramento. 
The Greens and Lewis' were able to spend Christmas Eve together in Orange County.  We missed them and Erin!!  Hopefully one of these years we will all be together again to celebrate Christmas.

What a wonderful surprise I had at my door the day after Christmas!  I had no idea Jordan, Kristine and the boys were coming for a visit.  They definitely fooled me.  It was so fun having them here and having Christmas extended for a few more day.  I know Owen and Ames had so much fun with their cousins!

Everyone had so much fun at the snow!  They didn't have to go too far to find lots of it either.  We had tons of rain and snow in December after a 3 year drought so it made it extra special and FUN!  I wish I would have been there but I stayed behind on Grammy duty with my two favorite baby boys, Deacon and Ames.  We had just as much fun as the rest of them lounging around in our jammies and staying cozy and warm!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Fall 2015

Hitched a ride with a friend and was able to spend a long weekend with Jordan and Kristine and the boys.  We went to Treasure Island Beach in Laguna Niguel for an evening stroll.

I brought some chairs for Owen and Ames to lounge in.  Ninja Turtle for Owen and Paw Patrol for Ames

Fall Festival at Silva Valley Elementary.  Coleman had fun doing a project at the Home Depot station.

Basketball is in full swing again for Coleman.  He was on the Lakers and loved it.  He was named the top rebounder in his league!  It's so fun to watch him hustle.

After the game there was a rummage sale and the boys begged me to buy this Sponge Bob pillow.

Fall Flag Football for Jack and Lincoln.  I love going to their games!!
Back to school for the Patrick boys.  Jack is in 6th grade and in middle school, Lincoln is in 4th grade and Coleman is a big 1st grader!  They are growing so fast.

I have been spending lots of time with Deacon while Megan is busy with her cookies and school activities.  He lovez laying on Mom and Dad's bed and watching TV (Cars and Mickey's Clubhouse)

Deacon and Grammy have been spending lots of time at the park this fall.  The weather has been very warm.  He loves to go on the slides and run away from me!!
Had a great day in October at ATT Park in San Francisco at a Giants baseball game with my friends, Pam and Kim.  I have always wanted to go there and loved every minute.  The Giants lost and it was unseasonably HOT, but we still had a great time.  What a beautiful place.  I can't wait to go back next season and see another game when it's not so hot!!  GO GIANTS!